Hi every body:

Thank you for checking my website. If you know anyone who is behind on payments; anyone who is going on foreclosure, let me know?!! It doesn't matter if they are behind 2 months or a year.... I will stop the foreclosure by buying their houses!!
Are you behind on payments? Does your property need repairs? Does it have any liens? Do you owe more than what it'is worth? Are you behind on paying taxes? Is your property vacant? LET ME KNOW; I BUY THOSE TYPE OF PROPERTIES!!! I buy properties doing short-sale!!! It doesn't matter if they are condos, townhouses, single family homes or commercial properties (here in Florida or any other state).

For OFF MARKET PROPERTIES We pay a finder fee of  $3,000 -$4,000  depending of the deal we can make. Property doesn't has listed on any market place or with a wholesaler list.
Realtors, I know you know people that have those problems... let's help them!!! Make your commission + I will give you $1,000 more for referral. If the property is more than $500,000.00 I will give you even more!!! Ugly houses or luxury homes, it don't matter!! I am looking for properties that are behind on payments (that's what am looking for!) i do the short-sale & negotiate with the banks; so you don't have to worry about the headaches. YES WE BUY PROPERTIES CASH NATIONWIDE!!! Please just send me the info that is in the attachment & we are on business... Simple as that!!!!
If you cannot contact me using 1-866-609-7677, please send me a email at referral@realestatekrs.com. If you have questions, please don't hesitate and call me at your earliest convenience!!!!

Complete the form and send your referral to referral@realestatekrs.com
Make extra money for a Deal that you bring to Us (payments will be doing by the title company at time of closing)
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"KRS. National Real Estate Solutions. LLC  does not claim to be the owner of all of the properties we market for sale. If we are not the owners then we simply have an equitable interest in the property. KRS. National Real Estate Solutions. LLC  is a real estate investment firm and does not claim to be licensed real estate agents or brokers. ARV and repairs are based on a price opinion. KRS. National Real Estate Solutions. LLC  is not an appraiser or a general contractor and does not claim to be one. All numbers should be verified independently. Information is not guaranteed, please do your own due diligence."