We offer a partnership program.  You will be able to learn from me and my team leaders. I's no a traditional education.


 It doesn’t matter how many a real estate courses you have taken, how many workshops you have attended, how many real estate books you have read; if you don’t take action, all these knowledge won’t have any real value.

This program is going to help you to put in practice all the knowledge that you have previously acquired, and even if you don’t know anything about real estate, this program is a specially designed to teach you the business in a practical way. I mean, we focus mainly in single family properties located in Florida; and after teaching you the basic concepts, then we put them into practice, taking you into the field, into your local neighborhoods, so you can start your real estate career in a practical way; or as we say doing “hands on training.”

We realized that most people were looking for somebody to train them on how to find, analyze, and put properties under contract; so they can go ahead and flip them to make a profit (this is called a wholesale).

That is exactly what we offer with our partnership program. We offer a complete guide from A to Z on how to find such deals online; which properties are worth to pursue, and how to submit the offers to put them under contract to wholesale them. This means that after the training, you can start looking for deals as a part-timer, keep your current job and after getting enough experience wholesaling houses, then you can quit and do this as a fulltime job.

Basically, as a member of our partnership program you will find the deals, forward them to us for our approval, and then we will provide you with the proof of fund letter and we also will get the potential buyer for you to wholesale the properties! How about that! You become automatically our partner, where we have created a win –win situation splitting the profits on a 50/50 way with you!

As a member of the partnership program, you will be responsible for finding a good wholesale deal on a property, and then we will be responsible for finding you the transactional funding (money) as well as a cash buyer for your deal. After doing a few deals with us as your partner, you will have a better understanding of the wholesale process, and then, you will be able to go ahead and replicate by yourself the whole same system anywhere in the United States. That is our goal, to make you a big success!


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