Hard Money Loan Available

Short or Long Term With
no Prepayment Penalty

Our private lender loan is always a 17-year loan with no prepayment penalty, so long as the borrower makes their monthly payments on time. This gives you, the client, the flexibility to keep the loan as little or as long as you desire, without incurring a penalty when you’re ready to pay off the balance.

Small Loans or Big Loans

Every client that seeks a loan with our private lender comes with a different level of risk they want to take on. For those that want to work on a smaller project, we offer gross loan amounts as low as $20,000.  For those that want to work on bigger projects, we can offer loan amounts as high as $1mm.

Personal Name, Company, or Land Trust

Our lenders lends on non-primary residences only.  So long as the property is intended for investment and business purposes, we will lend to you as an Individual, a Business Entity (LLC or Corp.) or even a Land Trust. This offers our clients maximum flexibility when choosing how to purchase a property.

No Minimum Credit Score

Our lender does not have a formal application process. The one and only document we review is your required three-score credit report during the initial onset of our business relationship. Additionally, Our lender wants to stress that low credit scores and/or poor credit is not necessarily an obstacle to do business with us.  We do not require a minimum credit score, and can offer you a loan regardless of your past credit history.

No Appraisal

Appraisals are costly and time-consuming, wouldn’t you agree?   Instead of a formal appraisal, we’ll order a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) through a local realtor or walk-through inspection as part of our due diligence. This process takes half the time and costs significantly less than standard underwriting guidelines.

Any Property Type

Our lender will lend on nearly any type of real property that enables our clients to invest across a diverse group of assets.  Single Family, 1-4 multi-units, Condos, and even apartment complexes. We’ll also finance commercial property, and even industrial warehousing.  If the numbers work, Our lender says yes.

Hard Money for Foreign Nationals Available!

Financiamiento Privado para Inversionistas Extranjeros Disponible.

Hablamos español!

 Loans around 70%-80% Purchase Price.

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KRS National Real Estate Solutions, LLC, Real Estate Investing, Plantation, FL

"KRS. National Real Estate Solutions. LLC  does not claim to be the owner of all of the properties we market for sale. If we are not the owners then we simply have an equitable interest in the property. KRS. National Real Estate Solutions. LLC  is a real estate investment firm and does not claim to be licensed real estate agents or brokers. ARV and repairs are based on a price opinion. KRS. National Real Estate Solutions. LLC  is not an appraiser or a general contractor and does not claim to be one. All numbers should be verified independently. Information is not guaranteed, please do your own due diligence."