Date: 2010-04-11, 10:01PM
Do you have extra money sitting around? (IRA, Savings Account, CD, 401K) Put your dollars to work and make a whopping 8% - 12% on investments secured by real estate.

Experienced real estate investors are looking for people with extra money, just like you, to privately fund real estate deals in the Miami and Broward market.

For Example: One of our Private Investors provided us with funds to purchase a house for $84,000 CASH. We fixed it up and sold it for $150,000.
Our Private Money Investor made $6,720 in 3 months. How would you like to let your money make you an extra $2,240 a month; while you keep doing your everyday routine?!! No Extra Work Involved - We take care of finding great deals and fixing up the houses; or Wholesaling these Great Deals to other Real Estate Investors and Rehabbers while you sit at the beach & let your money work for you!

Here are Some Before and After pictures of the Property in the above example. The address is 6700 SW 18th St, Miramar, Fl 33023.

When we purchase properties with CASH we can get better deals than using bank financing.

Asking Price $84,000 - Private Money Investor put up the money so we could purchase the property with CASH

SOLD PRICE $150,000 minus:
a. $4,500 closing costs at the sale
b. $2,520 closing costs at purchase
c. $30,000 cost of repairs
d. $100 advertising costs
After 3 Months - Private Money Investor got his $84,000 with 8% interest $6,720 = $90,720 back into his account. The Private Money Investor now has $90,720 to fund another deal if he wants to!!!

If You Have Money You Want To Invest - Please Call Us At 866-609-7677 or click here Invest Money with Us
To make sure that you can contact us; our corporation owner, Samuel Rojas is available 24/7 at 1-866-769-7677 for any questions that you may have - También hablamos Español!!!



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